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Feature Drop: Google announces new features for Pixel smartphones

Google Pixel 5. (Photo: t3n)

Google has announced new features for its Pixel smartphones. The drop feature includes support for underwater recordings and a new screen display for bedtime, among other things.

Google’s quarterly Feature Drop has numerous new features available after the last December update. However, some of the announced highlight functions of the March drop are initially only available for the US market. Nevertheless, German pixel users also get their money’s worth.

Feature Drop: Pixel smartphones receive support for underwater recordings

Of course, the drop feature does not protect the Pixel devices better against water – thanks to the initiative of the software engineer of the Pixel- Camera, José Ricardo Lima, but use with the underwater housing from the manufacturer Kraken Sports.

According to Google better use for underwater photography. (Image: Google)

With the appropriate housing, the Pixel-Phone be taken on diving adventures to photograph marine life and landscapes. Even in the underwater case, you get access to camera functions such as night vision, portrait mode, motion photos and videos. Google has more information about the new feature on a dedicated support page.

Fall asleep better with pixel smartphones

Pixel smartphones with Pixel Stand receive new bedtime functions via feature drop. (Image: Google)

Another new function that will be available with March -Feature-Drop is coming, is especially for the bedroom: The update integrates a new “more seamless bedtime schedule” in combination with the Pixel-Stand. When the watch’s new bedtime features are used with the Pixel Stand, new, updated screen displays appear along with new notifications to guide the user to sleep. According to Google, the feature is available on the Pixel 3, 3 XL, Pixel 4 such as 4 XL and Pixel 5 (test).

For English-speaking users only, the Smart-Compose, known from Gmail and others, which relies on machine learning, is moving into Android. The feature can help you complete texts in selected messaging apps, according to Google. Smart-Compose suggests frequently occurring or used phrases in order to save repeated typing and to avoid typing errors.

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Recorder app receives web interface

Google’s recorder app introduced with the Pixel 4 (test) has its own web interface, with the user can also access stored content on the desktop. The user interface is localized in German, but all functions of the application are not yet available in this country. Although it is possible, for example, to listen to a guitar riff that is currently being worked on, or to listen to audio recordings, the transcription function, with which, for example, interviews are automatically converted into running text and made searchable, remains exclusively available in English for the time being.

Feature Drop brings new wallpapers for International Women’s Day

New wallpapers for pixels -Smartphones for International Women’s Day. (Image: Google)

Google Pixel smartphones regularly receive new wallpapers celebrating different cultural moments with works of art by artists from all over the world. On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, new background images with illustrations by the Spanish duo Cachetejack will be added – they describe the strength and transformation of women, according to Google.

As a “bonus feature”, Google is delivering the recently announced Google Fit function with the new Drop feature , with which the heart and respiratory rate can only be measured with the camera. The new feature is slated to be released for Pixel owners over the course of the next week. Google advises in the announcement that it is not intended for medical purposes.

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