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Expert: “Khimki” will not win a place in ULEB Euroleague next season

Expert: “Khimki” will not win a place in ULEB Euroleague next season
Khimki district of Moscow Photo: “Khimki” of the Moscow region

Russian basketball expert and TV commentator Vladimir Gomelsky has provided answers to fan questions on his website “gomelskybasket.ru”, touching on the difficult situation of the Russian basketball grant in the Moscow region “Khimki” .

“Next season” Khimki “will not win a place in ULEB Euroleague. I can safely say that, “Gomelsky wrote. “They can now be left without prizes in the VTB United League. The next steps already depend on the team management. New coach, huge lineups, fulfilling commitments with previous players. Will club owners have the patience to build a team virtually anew? There is also an open question – Will there be a change in the management of the club? ”

“ I have not seen any game this season where Khimki ”The players and coach would fight and all together would go to victory with the character. Unfortunately, I last saw such a match in 2019. There is no going to discuss the players at the moment, especially the “special status” of Alexei Schwed. Now we have to think about maintaining the team, budget and other things, “says the expert.

At the beginning of February, Pavel Astahov, Director General of Khimki, confirmed that the unit has financial problems. Russian media “RIA-Novosti” published information that “Khimki” players do not receive a salary for two months. Astahov confirmed that the club has financial problems, stating that it is due to the inability to attract new sponsors. At the same time, he denied that basketball players do not receive a salary at all. “We pay, but not in full. If we look at the situation in the world, the debts of Barcelona football are in the billions. It is a very difficult time for sports, but we are trying to improve the situation, “said Astahov.

Currently, due to financial problems, the ULEB Euroleague Financial Commission has set a a temporary penalty, namely that Khimki can no longer apply for new players in the line-up before a further decision is taken. Latvians Jānis Timma and Dairis Bertāns also represent the Moscow region unit.

Khimki takes seventh place in the VTB league with seven successes in 14 matches . In turn, the Euroleague team is in the last, 18th position with two victories in 24 fights.

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