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Exodus Wallet shares could be purchased through your bitcoin wallet

Exodus Movement, Inc., a corporate firm that provides the Exodus Wallet, seeks to launch a public offering of shares of its company and make it available to all users from this same portfolio of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

According to official information from the company, on February 26 its offer of Class A shares was registered with the United States Securities and Insurance Commission (SEC) for USD 75 million, at a price of USD 27, 42 for each share.

The firm, based in the state of Delaware, thus awaits the review and validation of the North American authorities, they reported in a statement. The review period by the SEC could be extended up to 9 months .

The shares may be managed from the software provided by Exodus , like dozens of other cryptocurrencies and tokens that they have. Shares will be represented as tokens on a blockchain network , possibly. The firm that would manage the transactions of these tokens is called Securitize, Inc. indicates Exodus in its publication.

Through the Exodus Wallet, interested parties may subscribe to this offer and opt for the opportunity to buy these shares with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and the stablecoin USDC.

The application has versions mobile phones for Apple (iOS) and Android mobile devices, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play store, they report.

Exodus Wallet shares could be purchased through your bitcoin wallet
Users could have the shares of the company in their Exodus Wallet as tokens of a blockchain. Source: Buffik / pixabay.com

Exodus Wallet, founded in 2015, has been characterized as one of the first to adopt a multiplicity of cryptocurrencies known as Zcash, Dash and Litecoin, in addition to those traditionally found in multi-asset wallets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But the company claims to expand its capabilities and allow users to be part of Exodus , commercially and financially.

“With the investment platform that we designed to issue these assets in the Exodus application, it seeks to democratize finance and extend beyond the old model of the tokens that emerged ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), by allowing users to be investors and owners of Exodus in a regulated way ”.

Exodus Movement, Inc.

From users to shareholders

JP Richardson, CEO of Exodus , argued that the traditional ways of raising funds are now obsolete , so they want to make it easier for anyone to invest directly in the company. Likewise, he criticizes the initial coin offerings: “ICOs leave investors without any type or legal property rights and we are sure that we will change that.”

This unprecedented initiative could be a milestone of the cryptocurrency industry, being an offer of shares of a company, which grant fractional ownership to its creditors over the firm, and which can be purchased and managed from the same service that provides (Exodus Wallet).

However, we still have to wait for the approval of the SEC that, despite focusing mainly on the federal fiat ecosystem, seems to learn more and more about cryptocurrencies and the entities that issue, operate or endorse them.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, Gary Hensler, who is a researcher and associate professor on Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies at the Institute, was recently appointed as SEC president Massachusetts Technological Institute (MIT), which shows the interest cre cient of the regulatory entity in this area.

Other cryptocurrency companies also seek to be part of the financial world, as is the case of Coinbase, an exchange that recently introduced a request to list its shares on the Wall Street markets, reported this medium.

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