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Evija will have sound inspired by old Lotus Formula 1

Lotus electric sports car with 2,000 hp will have a unique soundtrack

Lotus intends that the new Evija has a unique ‘soundtrack’ and for that he turned to the Welsh music producer Patrick Patrikios so that the sound of the electric hyper sports car has some similarities with a V8.

For this work, Lotus made it known that Patrick Patrikios used the sound of the Lotus Type 49’s V8 engine, which won the 1967 Formula 1 Netherlands GP with Jim Clark at the wheel.

By digitally manipulating the sound of the iconic V8 model, Patrikios and the Lotus team realized that slowing the engine sound created a frequency similar to the natural sound produced by Evija’s advanced all-electric transmission system.

In this way the new Lotus electric, which will be the most powerful production car in the world, with almost 2,000 hp of power, will have a manipulated digit sound mainly from a V8 that will be used to personalize all the sounds of the hypercar, from the seat belt alert to the sound of the turn signals.

“We wanted to produce something that would arouse an emotional connection between the car and the driver. Sound is an extremely influential thing when it comes to creating and forming emotions, to enrich this bond that is a critical part of the Lotus experience ” , stressed Patrick Patrikios.

The main task of this work was to create an external sound for Evija as it develops all its power by accelerating from 0 to 300 km / h in less than 9 seconds.

It is recalled that the new electric hypercar from Lotus has four electric motors and is equipped with all-wheel drive with a torque of 1,700 Nm (with vectoring) accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds and from 0 to 300 km / h in less than 9 seconds. The maximum speed exceeds 320 km / h.

The 2,000 kW lithium-ion battery is placed at the back (in the tradition of the Lotus rear engine) and features a range of around 400 km.

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