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Even P & G's Charmin launches its own NFTs

The P&G company Charmin has decided to enter the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) with 3 pieces of digital art that promote the campaign Enjoy the Go that the brand has recently published.

The NFTs are auctioned virtually through the Rarible platform, so those interested can bid to acquire them from their own home . The cryptocurrencies that have been offered the most so far are wETH – ERC-20 tradeable version of ETH- and RARI.

As reported on the auction page, P&G will donate the proceeds to Direct Relief, a charitable organization that helps the homeless and low-income resources.

The pieces of art in question show a roll of toilet paper on a colored background and surrounded by flowers, bears, clouds, bees or marine flora, depending on the chosen motif, which it can be a gif or an image. The particularity of this new methodology is that the non-fungible token works as a certificate of authenticity for those who acquire it.

The authors P&G chose for the digital designs are Donna Adi, Shanee Benjamin, and Made by Radio. The NFTs will come accompanied with the work in physical format, so that those who acquire them can wear them in the bathroom or in any space of the house.

One of the 5 NFTs that Charmin from P&G offers to its customers and that are auctioned virtually. Source: Charmin / rarible.com

Enjoy the Go (something like ‘enjoy the go’, in English) is a move that Charmin has promoted from social networks in order to encourage its customers to “enjoy the moment” of going to the bathroom; after all, as the advertising remarks, “it’s something we all do.”

Charmin’s vice president, Rob Reinerman, explained that this is “a fun and ingenious way to provide to Charmin fans a unique and unrepeatable version of their favorite role “, while emphasizing that” a better experience in the bathroom can go beyond the toilet. “

NFTs are gaining more popularity every day

Non-fungible tokens have gained traction and expanded their market widely in recent months. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo’s unique fantasy football card Sorare recently sold for $ 289,920. As CriptoNoticias published, the buyer was a user who long ago had acquired a similar NTF from Zinedine Zidane.

Contrary to this growing enthusiasm, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao stated that “most NFTs will tend to zero” in the future despite its current success. However, also highlighted that really good artists will keep the value of their digital products. For now, at the time that Zhao released these statements, the NTF of the artist Beeple was auctioned for almost USD 70 million at Christie’s.

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