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Envoy underscores enhanced defence cooperation between Indonesia, Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Indonesian Ambassador Adam Tugio urged business community view Indonesia as trade center for expanding its exports to huge market of more over 640 million people in Association of Countries of Southeast Asia (ASEAN).

“Participation of frigate of An example is the Indonesian Navy in the AMAN 2023 naval exercise. of how Indonesia joins great value for his partnership with Pakistan for promotion global peace and security,” he said.

During the discussion in the Karachi Council for Foreign Relations (KCFR), the ambassador said that cooperation in defense sectors had the potential to go beyond the exchange of military officers and potential building programs said news release issued by the Indonesian embassy here on Sunday.

“More than 50 percent of conflicts place in OIC geographical. Indonesia and Pakistan are the two largest UN military contingents. countries And role of women peacekeepers of two countries Maybe give significant contribution to creating opportunity environment for peace and reconciliation in such conflicts”, Tugio added.

The Ambassador made special mention of the newly established mechanism of Joint Ministerial Commission, which allow two FMs meet regularly for summarizing progress of bilateral cooperation and give strategic direction to deepening bilateral relations.

He also mentioned that Pakistan has full potential for developing economy because of its geostrategic location serve as a gateway to a wider region in Central Asia.

“Pakistan has a strong resilience to overcome economic crises and a strong recovery, as evidenced by its history” said the envoy.

Answering a question on executable strategy for Pakistan strengthens partnership with ASEAN, he proposed a two-pronged approach of institutional cooperation with ASEAN Secretariat and bilateral processes with ASEAN members.

The envoy stressed the importance of deepening communication through hard elements such as building infrastructure, as well as increasing people-To-people compounds as soft elements of connection.

Pakistan is blessed with picturesque beauty landscapes and has the potential to become the center for religious tourism as it has many heritage sites for Buddhism and Islam, noting that 24 percent of people in ASEAN are Buddhists and 46 percent Muslims”, added envoy.


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