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Elon Musk's one-word word once again flew a cryptocurrency into the stratosphere

Just two days have passed since Elon Musk volunteered to leave Twitter, on the eccentric billionaire Thursday, she stepped back on the microblogging platform and has already launched a another crypto frenzy that triggered an unprecedented fluctuation in Dogecoin’s cryptocurrency exchange rate. He had already tweeted about it in December, and now most recently he wrote for a rocket to outer space just: Doge.

The cryptocurrency dogecoin (DOGE) in the joke category has surpassed itself by 44 percent after Musk’s tweets and has been rising ever since.

But here’s the end of the story: after seeing the soar he published an iconic Lion King meme on which Simba the Dogecoin dog, then wrote, “Very welcome!” In one of the follow-up tweets, he wrote, “Dogecoin is the crypt of the people,” and then that there are no ups and downs, only the Doge.

In an interview with the Clubhouse, he said only “Arguably the most entertaining and ironic outcome would be for dogecoin to truly become the currency of the earth in the future,” he said, stressing that “fate loves irony.”

No this is the first time that a Tesla leader has shaken the crypt world in one word, moving millions of dollars on the stock market.

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