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Egypt: Any harm that detracts from our water rights is a hostile act

The war of declarations is accelerating in the countries of Egypt and Sudan on the one hand and Ethiopia on the other hand about the Renaissance Dam crisis. The Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry confirmed on Sunday that any harm that detracts from Egypt’s water rights is a hostile act, indicating that there is an Egyptian-Sudanese move. To inform the international community of the Ethiopian intransigence.

In addition, Shoukry said in statements to local media that negotiations with Ethiopia regarding the Renaissance Dam have been going on for 10 years, and a just solution must be reached to achieve everyone’s interests and for the stability of the region.

He added that reaching an agreement with Ethiopia regarding filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Up to this point, it is not a difficult matter, since each party knows very well how to achieve its water interests.

He indicated that Egypt will not withdraw from any agreement it entered into with its free will and will not enter into agreements unless it will achieve its interests.

A hostile act

He also indicated, “If harm is caused to Egypt in diminishing its water rights, it is considered a hostile act, explaining “Hostile action, in international law, has a method for confronting it, and it begins with diplomatic and political measures and the interference of parties who can.” To have an impact on the scene and end with the will and determination of the affected state with the right to take the action it deems appropriate, and all options are a given. The Blue Nile after the end of negotiations between the three countries in Kinshasa last week without progress and Ethiopia’s insistence on the second filling in the next rainy season without committing to any agreement.

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