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E-R9 is the future Lotus racing car that looks more like an airplane

Lotus prototype reveals the 2030 competition hypercar

Lotus continues to surprise in its approach to what could be the competition hypercar of the British brand’s future to line up in the world endurance.

This time the British brand unveiled the E-R9 prototype, a model that may be on the starting grid of the racing circuits in the 2030 season.

This Endurance Racer (E-R9) model, with the 9 being an allusion to the Mark iX that made its debut at the hands of Colin Chapman at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1955, was developed by Richard’s Lotus engineering team Hill, who was the originator of the Evija electric hypercar platform, and who took inspiration from a fighter jet to design the E-R9.

The prototype 100% electric, it consists of removable panels, in addition to being equipped with elements of active aerodynamics that are controlled through the volan such as the rear wing which is equipped with vertical stabilizer panels, which help to assist in high speed curves.

The Lotus E-R9 features an advanced system electric transmission, with one motor per wheel, which independently drives an enhanced torque vectoring system, which is based on the Lotus Evija integrated technology, although the E-R9 system is fully adjustable by the driver on the move.

Lotus made it known that the four electric motors are powered by batteries, which in the future will be chemical batteries and mixed cells that may have the ability to be exchanged ‘hot’ during stops that the pilots make in the pits.

“What we try to do is to go beyond the limits of where we are technically today and extrapolate to the future. The Lotus E-R9 incorporates technologies that we hope to develop. Lotus has a history of developing exclusive solutions, which we often introduce in motor sports, as well as on road cars ” , underlined Richard Hill.

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