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Ducati unveils electric scooter with autonomy up to 30 km

Pro-I Evo is the new electric scooter from Ducati and has a maximum power of 350 W

Ducati continues to invest in urban electric micromobility and announced the arrival of the new Pro-I Evo scooter.

The latest electric scooter from the Borgo Panigale brand. is an evolution of the Pro-I Pus, and features an urban design that is combined with more sharp lines on the rear fender that enhances Ducati’s racing DNA.

The Pro-I Evo has an electric motor with a maximum power of 350 W, which makes this scooter model more agile in accelerations and more efficient uphill.

The electric motor is powered by a 280 Wh battery, more than enough value, according to Ducati, for a range of 30 km with only one charge.

In terms of charging, Ducati announced that the battery, located under the scooter floor, can be re fully charged in three hours.

The new Pro-I Evo is equipped with a color LED color display, and the luminous LED signature allows to offer greater security when traveling at night or in situations of reduced visibility.

Light and compact, the new Ducati electric scooter can be transported with ease as it has the new folding system, which facilitates its combined use with public and private transport.

In addition, the Pro-I Evo is equipped with a renewed locking system that features an anti-vibration mechanism that makes this scooter even safer and more resistant

The potential of this Pro-I Evo is reinforced with the introduction of an integrated application, entirely designed and developed by Italdesign, which is nothing more than a ‘garage virtual ‘where the various Ducati Urban e-Mobility products can be registered and where the Pro-I Evo user can access technical assistance services, even in real time via WhatsApp.

Available on Google Play and App Store, from this mobile application you can always be up to date on the main functions and performance of the electric scooter and have access to information such as the battery charge level, the distance traveled and the last position of your location.

Ducati made it known that its new electric scooter is now available on the European market, with a price that starts at 399.00 euros

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