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Dreams by MediaMolecule: Making Game Creation Accessible and Thriving Community | PS Plus Availability and Future Possibilities

Dreams by MediaMolecule: Making Game Creation Accessible

Dreams has been MediaMolecule’s ambitious project to provide users with the ability to enter and create their own fully imagined and fulfilled experiences, using an engine that simplifies game development. The goal was to make this accessible to console players, eliminating the need for extensive technical knowledge. The focus was on empowering players to bring their visions to life and make their dreams a reality.

Availability on PS Plus

On Tuesday, August 1, 2023, Dreams became available to all PS Plus subscribers. It was one of the three free monthly titles that members of all tiers in the PS Plus hierarchy could add to their library.

Rapid Growth and End of Support

In just one day, over 100,000 new players joined and tried Dreams. While this is exciting for the community, it is disheartening that MediaMolecule’s support for the game will end by September of this year.

Thriving Community and Future Possibilities

Dreams has always had a dedicated community of players who keep the game alive. The recent influx of new players may inject new life into the game. Moreover, creators will be able to remove their games from Dreams and publish them elsewhere, ensuring that the amazing games currently existing in Dreams won’t be confined to the platform forever. With the growing player base, there is always the chance that the next amazing game to come out of Dreams is just being developed.

Other Exciting Features

If game creation is not your interest, there are thousands of incredible games to play within Dreams. Additionally, MediaMolecule has recently launched Tren, its latest original title exclusively playable in Dreams.

Source: MediaMolecule via Reddit

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