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Do you have any idea how many Continental GT's Bentley has produced since 2003?

Continental GT continues to be a reference among luxury sports

Bentley Motors pointed out last week the production of its Continental GT 80.000, a mark that the British manufacturer achieved in 18 years of production of this luxury sports car.

Crewe’s house started production of the Continental GT in 2003, inspired by the R-Type, this was the first model of the British brand to share a platform of the Volkswagen Group, being therefore considered the first unit of the modern era of Bentley.

The Continental GT has become a benchmark among luxury GTs and the British brand has revealed that since its launch, the model has achieved an average annual sales of 5,000 units, which are marketed to customers worldwide.

The Continental GT unit 80,000 leaving the Bentley factory is a unit equipped with a ‘Orange Flame’ V8 engine and steering wheel on the right.

“I had the pleasure of launching the Continental GT in 2003 on my first stint at Bentley and being here for the launch of this state-of-the-art model, has been a great pride for me ” , stressed in a statement Adrian Hallmark, CEO of the British brand, for whom the Continental GT will continue to play an important role in the future of Bentley.

“This model will continue to be the backbone of the brand for years to come, even during the transition to the world leadership in sustainable luxury mobility ” , concluded Adrian Hallmark.

To mark the mark of the 80,000 Continental GT produced, Bentley brought together the family of three generations of this model at the Crew factory, where it showed some of the special versions, with emphasis on the racing version of the First GT3 generation, passing through the convertible produced by Mulliner to honor the legendary Bentley Blower number 1 of 1929, or the exclusive Pikes Peak GT , and more recently the Ice Race GT .

It is recalled that recently Bentley revealed that it will become a fully electrified brand from 2030, when it will stop selling internal combustion vehicles, and that its first model electric will appear in 2025.

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