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Display | More efficient thanks to CRM: How Carsync achieved a 40 percent increase in sales

Tom Bechert, Head of Department B2B Sales & Customer Support at Carsync, talks in an interview about the difference a suitable CRM system can make for the success and growth of a company.

t3n: Tom, you are Head of Department B2B Sales & Customer Support at Carsync. Can you briefly introduce your company?

Tom Bechert

Tom Bechert

Tom Bechert has been with Carsync and in his role as Head of Department B2B Sales & Customer Support responsible for all topics related to sales and customer service.

Tom: Carsync was founded in 2003 and is an all-in-one solution for companies and the self-employed, for digitization and control of company vehicles. Together with our customers, we are taking the step into the next generation of mobility and transforming vehicle fleets: intermodal, networked, autonomous, shared and emission-free.

What makes money your money?

Carsync has two branches. On the one hand, we offer a digital platform with tools to make work easier in vehicle and fleet management, for example with an electronic logbook, electronic driver’s license control and digital pool vehicle management. On the other hand, Carsync is a service provider for full-service fleet management with the option of commissioning individual modules in a modular way, for example damage management or repair control, leasing returns and invoice verification. Our target group are self-employed up to large companies – sometimes it’s just about one vehicle, sometimes up to 35,000 cars.

The digitization of a large vehicle fleet is only possible with the right system behind the scenes. (Graphic: Shutterstock / petovarga)

That sounds like a technical setup that should not be underestimated backstage. You use HubSpot as a CRM system. What was your company setup like when you started working with HubSpot?

We started working with HubSpot in October 2019 . At that time we were around 100 employees and had around 300 customers.

Why did you decide to work with HubSpot back then?

We previously worked with an on-premise system and were not very satisfied. That is why we decided on a web-based system like HubSpot. In addition to the professional CRM coupling with marketing automation, important criteria for us were the automated reporting on sales activities and forecasting, as well as many cool features to make work easier, such as the scanning of business cards via the app, a calendar and appointment tool and the call functions. We have also already experienced the advantages of HubSpot in the purchasing process from the customer’s point of view, as HubSpot itself uses its own tools in sales.

What has changed Done since then?

The team is about the same size, but we have been able to increase the efficiency in sales very well. We have had sales growth of 40 percent since the end of 2019. In addition, we are much more precise in forecasting and tracking sales over the course of the year. By using HubSpot, we are also more efficient in the implementation after the conclusion of the contract and have highly professionalized and simplified our process through features and automation.

A user friendly CRM system can make all the difference in the growth of a company Make company. (Graphic: Shutterstock / AmadeaN)

How did HubSpot accompany and support your development?

The use or acceptance of CRM has increased significantly in the sales team. With HubSpot, the teams have great transparency about activities and enjoyment of their scores. The reporting board forms the basis for KPIs in our weekly team meeting. We convey the claim to work digitally to our customers and, thanks to HubSpot, we also live it internally. What particularly helps us here is the continuous expansion of the available functions, the platform adapts to our needs. Another plus is that the customer success management allows you to receive professional support at short intervals.

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

We want to further expand and sharpen our positioning in the German market as the largest provider of corporate mobility and partner and supporter of companies.

Do you think that HubSpot will still be by your side then?

The good thing about HubSpot is that the platform grows with the customer. In addition, HubSpot is constantly developing its own functions, receiving feedback and implementing it. The resulting functions allow ever greater efficiency and usability. I am pleased that we will work together in this way for many years to come. For me, HubSpot is even a role model for digital companies like us in many areas.

Thank you for the interview and good luck on your future path!

If you are also looking for a user-friendly and powerful CRM system that lets you and your company grow and grows with you, take a look Stop by HubSpot.

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