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Display | Digitization made easy – 5 tips on how to do it the right way

The decision has been made: companies should develop further with new technologies. But where do you start? Proper approach avoids mistakes before they happen. With these five tried and tested tips, you can start digitization correctly.



tarent solutions is a medium-sized IT service provider and has been supporting companies in digitization for over 20 years.

The use of new technologies can and will change our business models. New players have appeared on the market who can work more cheaply and more customer-oriented through digitized approaches. The competitors digitize and you may already have a brilliant idea of ​​how your company can develop with new technology. Regardless of the reason for your considerations: You know that something has to be done to keep up with the times. But how do you get started? Every beginning is difficult and the mountain to be climbed always seems too high and too steep at first. These five tips will help you with a smooth implementation.

Tip 1: Form a coalition of the determined

Everything is easier together. Therefore, get people around you excited about the idea and don’t waste your energy trying to convince doubters. Gather those around you who want to get involved and have enough influence to make things possible in your organization. Keep in mind that the answer to the question “how” you want to achieve progress is often more convincing than “what” you want to achieve, especially with doubters. In the other tips you will find out how to proceed now and how to motivate your team.

Tip 2: Save the classic business case

Throw overboard the thoughts in which you only consider the profits to be achieved. Instead, ask yourself what the organization can afford. So plan for the future in small steps (and not with a huge budget!) And don’t waste time or effort in creating a business case. The vision of golden faucets takes a back seat. In return, this approach gives your company a feeling of realism, seriousness and robust cost control.

Tip 3: Concentrate on what is going on

Sentences like “I don’t have time for this” or “The day-to-day business eats me up” sound familiar? Don’t let that stop you! Ask the people on your team to think about what they could do in the short term to bring the proposed topic forward. This makes it easier for everyone to find their way to the goal and you can look together to see when which steps can be implemented.

Find internal and external partners and set small-scale goals for your project. (Image: tarent)

Tip 4: Find the right partner

If you lack methodological and technical know-how for optimal implementation, you may not be able to manage everything on your own . But you don’t have to! Look for partners who are used to working their way through uncertain and incomplete scenarios step by step on the basis of trusting cooperation.

Tip 5: Work with prototypes

Break your plans down into small slices that can be presented individually and make the approaches plausible. Develop prototypes with a manageable effort and be ready to recognize undesirable developments and dispose of artifacts that have already been developed and, if in doubt, start over. The smaller the progress increment and the more regularly the success test takes place, the smaller the possible loss. So save yourself the attempt to make a big throw straight away.

Now make your way to the digitization goal

Ultimately, however, we mustn’t fool ourselves: It is and remains a high mountain to climb. But if you follow the tips, you should come very close to the best possible route to the summit and successfully achieve your digitization goal.

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