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Director of the European Health Authority: Corona virus will remain among us

The Director of the European Health Authority warned that the world should prepare for the assumption that the Corona virus “will remain among us.”

Andrea Amon, director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, said in an interview with the agency “France Press”: “It now appears that (the virus) will survive the most likely,” adding, “It seems that he has adapted greatly to the human. Next, we have to prepare for the assumption that he remains among us.”

The official added. The health authority based in Stockholm: “It will not be the first virus that will remain with us always, this is not therefore an uncommon feature of a specific virus.”

If vaccines significantly reduce the risk of infection with the Coronavirus, then Scientists still do not know whether it also prevents transmission from one person to another.

The data are further complicated by the mutated versions, especially the South African and Brazilian mutants, because there are doubts that they reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine.

And Amoun added: “The issue is the implications of this matter on the effectiveness of the vaccine,” referring to, for example, seasonal influenza, which requires adapting vaccines as it changes every year.

She said that “the same thing is true.” may be It happens (with Corona), or the virus may stabilize at some point and in light of that we will be able to use a vaccine for a long time. ”

In another context, the Director-General of the World Health Organization said Friday that the number of confirmed infections decreased. Covid-19 around the world is encouraging, but he warned against easing restrictions that helped limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the number of globally reported infections decreased for the fourth week in a row, and the number also decreased. Deaths for the second week in a row.

He added: “It seems that this decrease is due to the countries implementing more stringent public health measures.” He added, “This should encourage us, but complacency and complacency about the current situation are as dangerous as the virus itself.”

He also said: “Now is not the time for any country to relax measures or for anyone to let go of their caution.” Every life is lost now is more tragic as vaccines began appearing. ”

New infections with the Coronavirus this week continued their decline that began a month ago, reaching its lowest level since October.

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