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Digital solutions to speed up the vaccination process

An online Hack & Heal Programming Competition was held with students and young developers in higher education. The teams undertaking the competition sought effective solutions to the three challenges raised by corporate partners for the development of different areas of healthcare. Five teams submitted project plans for the challenge of “Accelerating coronavirus vaccination” formulated by Janssen and South Pest Central Hospital

The essence of the problem was to support the most efficient and fastest possible implementation of the vaccination process. “Resolving mass vaccination is an extremely urgent problem. The current, only way to stop a pandemic is to achieve flock immunity worldwide. As one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, we feel obliged to do everything beyond vaccine development to help healthcare workers work superhumanly,” he said. Zita Siminszky, Medical Director of Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a Johnson & Johnson Group

During the competition, the staff of the South Pest Central Hospital supported the work of the teams through continuous mentoring and shared all the knowledge and experience they needed. so far, they have been collected during the vaccination process, from registration, through vaccination of patients to the follow-up phase. The mentors helped the teams identify points where the work could be made much smoother with innovative digital solutions.

“I think on behalf of all my fellow mentors, it was an incredible experience and a source of motivation to work with young people. there was a lot of interest in mentoring conversations, there were teams that came back several times and put extraordinary work into understanding the task.The biggest challenge for the competitors was to break this complex set of issues into manageable parts based on which they could decide to what’s important is what to focus on in the short time available to them.The conversations were also very inspiring for the mentors, and the information received was well incorporated by the teams into their presentation, resulting in solutions that could really help the vaccine work effectively. “said Dr. Péter Benke, mentor, Ce

Three of the five project plans submitted to the challenge were also recognized: in addition to the category winner selected on the basis of the jury’s opinion, the team in this category also won first and third place in the public vote.


“The success of the public vote also confirms that each of the project plans received was of a very high standard, making it extremely difficult for the jury. In addition to the elaboration, we took into account the extent to which the competitors managed to develop a concept that can be effectively transposed into real practice in the outlined solution, “added Dr. János Szlávik, Chief Infectious Disorder of the South Pest Central Hospital. The category winner was the application of the PatiON team, which received a grant of € 1,500 thanks to Janssen’s offer. “With our digital solution, people can be informed about the whole process before vaccination and their medical history can be digitized immediately with a built-in questionnaire, minimizing paper-based reconciliation . Not only does the application reduce the administrative burden on healthcare workers, but data loss and data error can also be reduced. Based on the collected data, the whole process can be optimized in the long run, which results in better capacity utilization and higher efficiency, “said team leader Balázs Frey.

Most of the audience votes were given to the Finnish Vacci team, who The third place in the audience vote was a team from Győr high school, who developed an application connecting vaccinees, GPs and the vaccination center, and not only supports the vaccination process with digital devices, but also the monitoring of post-vaccination side effects.

The project plans submitted by the participants after the competition are also provided, the vaccination point of Janssen and the South Pest Central Hospital – the potential of the plan developed by the winning team seeing the solution put into practice as soon as possible

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