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Could Ethereum Divide Again? Vitalik Buterin thinks so, although the risk is low

The co-creator of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin, ensures that the blockchain could be divided ( hard fork ) just as it did in the past when Ethereum Classic (ETC) emerged. Now, according to the developer, the reason could be that some miners and users prefer to continue using the current version of the network and not move to Ethereum 2.0.

So he said in response to a question he received in a dialogue he had days ago with Naval investor Ravikant and writer Tim Ferris on the podcast « The Tim Ferris Show «.

Anyway, for the Russian-Canadian developer, the« risks »of Ethereum splitting« are much lower »than they existed in the past or the hard fork of Bitcoin of the year 2017. «We have been very open about that the proof of stake is basically the vision that we have from day one, “he explained.

In addition, he added that Ethereum already had a fork that attracts those who want there to be no changes in the protocol , so it would not be necessary to repeat it:

«Many defenders of The proof of work has already been moved to Ethereum Classic because they recognize that the community ideology around that blockchain is aligned with keeping the proof of work forever. ”

With «proof of work» (PoW) and «proof of participation» (PoS), Buterin refers to the consensus algorithms of the network. In the first one, mining is dependent on the validation of the blocks, with their respective transactions. On the other hand, in the other, which will begin to be used in version 2.0 of Ethereum, it relies on randomly chosen validator nodes to generate new blocks.

“There is no deep schism of ideologies in Ethereum”

The developer and leader of the community etherean , adds that “there is no deep schism of ideologies within Ethereum, as there was in Bitcoin.” He gave as an example, some differences that he maintains with Justin Drake, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation.

According to Vitalik, it is preferable to focus on second layer solutions, while Drake prefers a layer 1 more powerful. But that is not an extremely deep and fundamental disagreement. Either approach will be highly scalable and provide excellent environments for Ethereum users, ”concludes Buterin.

As CriptoNoticias reported, other more immediate problems are currently capturing the attention of the community around Ethereum. Among these, the protest of miners who reject the implementation of an improvement proposal , called EIP-1559, stands out, considering it confiscatory, although, if The proposal turns out as planned, it would result in a significant reduction in the commissions that users pay for making transactions.

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