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Corona warning app 1.13: Users should voluntarily share data

The Corona warning app gets an update again. (Photo: Marco.Warm / shutterstock)

Version 1.13 of the official Corona warning app is here. Its main innovation is the ability to request data that users would not normally transfer.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) asks for a data donation. This is the official name of the new function of the updated Corona warning app. If you think of the RKI’s data donation app, which came on the market last spring, you’re wrong.

Not to be confused with data donation app

Because while the data donation app was supposed to forward data from activity trackers such as Fitbit or Garmin to the RKI in pseudonymized form in order to “better” the spread of the virus to record and understand ”(RKI), the new function aims at the actual risk data. In each case, it would be transmitted which risk the app has determined for the individual user.

There are only the two states “red” for increased and “Green” for low risk. The transmission allows the RKI a purely quantitative analysis: How many people were each exposed to which risk?

Also new is a link to a scientific survey of the RKI, which is displayed to people who receive a red warning and were therefore exposed to an increased risk. The authority asks these people via a link to participate in a survey that wants to record how users behaved or intended to behave before and after the warning was displayed.

Further data should give regional insights

If you want, you can also give the RKI your state, your district and submit his age. This should be used to identify a possible connection between the risk status and the local incidence. The RKI could also see whether there are clusters in the risk assessment in a certain age group.

If you want, you can voluntarily provide the RKI with more data. (Screenshot: t3n / CWA project)

Both the transmission of the risk assessment and the forwarding of the rest Data and participation in the RKI survey is voluntary. After the update, the app will display a pop-up window the first time it is started, in which the so-called data donation can be activated. The consent can be revoked at any time via the settings and can also be reassigned at any time.

The operators point out that all data is transferred pseudonymized, so that no conclusions can be drawn about individual persons.

Contact diary gets more prominent placement

In addition, version 1.13 brings a little more comfort in handling the contact diary, which was introduced in version 1.10. The developers have now given it its own tab so that the diary can be easily accessed at any time.

The contact diary could soon be replaced by another app which can significantly simplify the logging of encounters. The Luca app, which Fanta 4 helped to develop and which is also gaining more and more advocates in politics, is currently the favorite for this addition.

As always the Corona warning app is rolled out over a period of 48 hours and should be visible to users via the update overviews in Google’s Play and Apple’s app store.

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