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Confessions of the mastermind of the Erbil airport attack reveal Iran's involvement in the operation

The confessions of the official of the Iraqi cell that carried out the attack on Erbil airport in the Kurdistan region of Iraq revealed that the missiles that targeted us at Arbil airport are Iranian-made, He also revealed that the executed cell consisted of 4 people and belonged to the “Sayyid al-Shuhada” militia, one of Iran’s armed arms in Iraq.

The General Directorate for Combating Terrorism in the Region announced Kurdistan, on the results of the investigation of the missile strikes that targeted Erbil in mid-February.

A statement of the Directorate stated, “After the missile attack that was carried out on the night of February 15th. Which targeted the city of Erbil and its international airport with 14 missiles, killing a foreign contractor and an Iraqi citizen, and wounding five American soldiers and two civilians, the security services in the Kurdistan region immediately opened a comprehensive and detailed investigation, and a Kia was found, which was the car carrying the missiles on board. Then the security forces got good information. ”

The statement added, “The results showed that 4 persons are the main ones responsible for the terrorist attack, and on top of them is the main perpetrator of the attack called (Haider Hamza Abbas) Mustafa Al-Bayati) who was arrested and confessed to his crime, and made detailed confessions about how the attack was carried out. ”

And the statement continued,” after sharing the results of the investigation with the security institutions in the government The Federation and the International Coalition, the federal security institutions arrested another perpetrator of the attack, while there are still two other criminals that the security services are constantly monitoring to reach and arrest them. The names of the other criminals were hidden and were not revealed in the confessions of (Haydar Hamza Al-Bayati). ”

Attempts or plans aimed at undermining security and stability in the Kurdistan region. ”

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