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Computerworld Café: our guest is György Bőgel, university professor

You can find numerous information about György Bőgel’s professional life and activities on the World Wide Web, he has written a lot of books and pulsations, which is why we show his personal page at Computerworld Café. ) The video shows that one of the largest domestic experts in corporate governance spends his time during a pandemic; if you don’t write, what exactly do you like to read, which is not specialist but fiction. We can also find out in the complex economic environment in which he began his professional career as an economist, which was associated with informatics in the 1990s. triggered but amplified a tendency that can be called “disintegration,” that is, many areas have shown that they do not have to be kept indoors, but can also perform related tasks remotely (from anywhere in the world). Increased risk in supply chains has reinforced robotics and digitalisation.

But what will the professional of the future look like in such a changing environment when there is fierce competition in higher education? Plus, in an extremely fast-growing field of science? What does a good professional see on their monitor the first time they turn on their machine?

The role of leaders is undergoing a major transformation, the professor has given advice on what are the three books that anyone who should definitely read you want to be at the forefront, and whoever watches the video will find out what to look for in corporate governance now.

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