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Computerworld Café: our guest is András Leveli, the shop of LSK Hungária Kft

András Leveli, the business and product development director of LSK Hungária Kft., Even during his university years, would not have thought that such a will have moored at a company that eventually grew into one of the largest domestic players in collaboration solutions during its career. So much so that his job has already become his hobby: after completing his daily routine tasks, he constantly breaks his head at innovation, in fact he really shuts off while “brainstorming”.

although he has always been interested in computing. As a Generation X teenager, he specifically chose a school where he could acquire knowledge through system-wide training, but his interest in mechanical engineering was much greater. However, despite his degree in mechanical engineering, he did not work a single minute in this field.

During his university years in the development of computer science and IT solutions, he was reimbursed for his planned career: he was involved in curriculum development from a mechanical approach, but there he was finally captivated by e-learning. Eventually, he moved from curriculum development to business and collaboration solutions, now in the colors of LSK. organized and handled, they recognized with colleagues that there was an enterprise-level interest in their solutions, but the versions for schools were not right for businesses. It was then that the idea was born to move from a distributor to a developer-manufacturer. Although the first four years before the finished solution was born were an extremely difficult, challenging period, in the end, the initial ideas were confirmed. More details in the video:

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