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Clever dress code helps attract police force in Britain with the fastest improvement

The police were ordered to shave off them designer bristles and polished boots in “back to the basics”, which turned one of Britain’s largest force in rapid improvement.

Stephen Watson, Chief Constable for Greater Manchester, ordered a smart dress code to be introduced after discovering the officers’ “cheap” uniforms. left looked sloppy and unprofessional as he sought to fix the “unsuccessful” force when he took over last summer.

Shake-up that set more Bobby on rhythm, and drive chase every crime lead led to this big increase in arrests of criminals that force should have opened more detention kits and deployment more officers to handle them.

In an interview with Telegraph to mark him first anniversary, Mr Watson said that strategy of “receiving back to basic principles of efficient police” meant that Greater Manchester was now becoming “the most improved” force in country.

Since he took over last June 999 call response processing times half as much one minute six seconds to 29 seconds, arrests jumped 61 percent to 4,527, and the number of crimes solved up by 21 percent. This means that 29,000 more suspects will be arrested this year. year.

Dress code is being restored public respect

Mr Watson replaced Ian Hopkins who resigned as chief constable after force became one of six placed in “special measures” because of this is failure to record and explore thousands of crimes.

He said the dress code helped recover public and professional respect in police, guided by the “old-fashioned” saying that “if you keep an eye on the little things, big things tend to take care of themselves.”

It wasn’t the fault of officers who was released with “cheap” kit “does not fit for goal” and in an attempt to save moneyforceinsignia removed, he said. “They look sloppy and they look sloppy like result,” he said.

Along with new kit, officers also required to follow a new dress code.

“If you turn up to work if you are a female officer, you tie your hair up if you are a man, you shave, you iron your clothes if you know howyou shine your shoes, you look smart and you look professional. We are very uncompromising on this,” said Mr. Watson.

“When you see the grenadier guard outside Buckingham Palace, it’s never here problem with quick wits or with uniform standards. Our people don’t have to be guardsmen, but I think we can take a leaf out of this book.”

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