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China is just buying up huge quantities of chip-making machines

China has increased its imports of machinery and equipment for the production of semiconductors and other components to an astonishing extent after the US banned the country from its own exports, leaving no other way to meet domestic demand.

As is well known, the Trump administration has withheld access to advanced solutions from Chinese technology companies. One of these was that the United States had banned most chip manufacturers from supplying anything to Huawei, and several other Chinese companies had faced export restrictions. There are currently 35 companies on the Pentagon’s blacklist, which the ministry says are military suppliers affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.

This has prompted the companies to take action. The purchase volume of chip-making machines reached $ 32 billion as early as 2020, up 20 percent year-over-year, according to an analysis of official Bloomberg trade data. As a result of increased demand, China has become the largest market for semiconductor and component equipment

Technological self-sufficiency has long been a major goal of the Chinese government. The Made in China 2025 program aims to make China the world’s number one technology high-end developer by 2025, thereby permanently ending its dependence on the know-how of Western countries. The program aims to conquer sectors such as green technologies, robotics, information technology and, of course, medicine. If the program is implemented, the Chinese economy will have an even greater advantage over the Western world – just think how much of it already dominates global supply chains …

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