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Check the price of bitcoin and ethereum in your national currency with CriptoNoticias

CriptoNoticias, the leading cryptocurrency media in the Hispanic world, offers its readers a new group of tools to keep them up to date on the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) market in their countries. On the same page, they will have an updated quotation of BTC and ETH in their national currency, price converters for amounts as low as 1 satoshi, lists of reliable exchanges where they can make their exchanges, and many more things.

Keeping track of the cryptocurrency market is not an easy task. Price variations happen at all times, without pause and without asking for permission. Quotes in dollars are usually found in most cryptocurrency platforms, making the calculation of the exchange rate to national currency a manual, cumbersome and imprecise process. In addition, the calculators of the competition usually establish their exchange rates without considering the specific volume of each of their sources, resulting in averages that do not reflect the reality of the market.

Aware of the needs of its readers, CriptoNoticias updates its section BTC and ETH prices to reflect the variations of bitcoin and ether in their exchange rate for currencies in Latin America and Spain, with the most accurate information available in the industry.

Added to this are new price cards, on the back of which you will be able to see the most important exchanges for the sale of BTC and ETH in Argentina, Brazil , Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Price cards and exchanges for your national currency

The main product that CriptoNoticias brings to its renewed section are price cards and exchanges for national currencies.

Going down in the BTC and ETH prices section , a specific card is shown for each country and its respective national currency. There you will be able to know the average exchange rate of the bitcoin dollar (es that is, the price of the dollar in each country according to the Bitcoin markets), as well as the average price of bitcoin and ether, together with their percentage change in the last 24 hours.

Precios de Bitcoin y Ethereum en Moneda Nacional más Exchanges para compraventa The new cards show the detail of the price of BTC and ETH in the national currencies of each country, as well as exchanges where to buy and sell. Source: CriptoNoticias

If more information is required, by pressing the plus symbol (+) on the right side of the name of each country, the card will expand to offer buy and sell prices, as well as the volume traded in the last 24 hours in bitcoin and the Ethereum currency. All this, both for the aforementioned countries, as well as for Bolivia, Paraguay, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and the United States.

In addition, in the search to satisfy the needs of its users, CriptoNoticias adds, on the back of each card, a list of exchanges to each country where users will be able to buy and sell BTC and ETH in their national currencies.

Both centralized exchanges and p2p markets and other trading sites can be found on the cards. But we are not satisfied with just one name. By clicking on “Learn more”, users will be able to access specialized guides on the country in question that will make it easier to trade in the bitcoin and ethereum market.

Converter, price and commission calculator in Bitcoin and Ethereum

In addition to the cards, CriptoNoticias has updated its calculator to achieve the highest accuracy in the industry. Unlike the competition, CriptoNoticias does not rely on a simple exchange average. The exchange volume of each of its sources is considered so that the final price is as close as possible to the general market price.

Calculadora de cambio entre Bitcoin Ethereum y monedas nacionales The new calculator allows you to easily change BTC or ETH to national currencies or minimum units of cryptocurrencies, such as satoshi and gwei. Source: CriptoNoticias.

We know that beauty is in the details. For this reason, we have expanded our range of options to calculate the change of even fractions of bitcoins and ethers with respect to national currencies. Amounts as specific as 1 satoshi or 1 mBTC , in the case of bitcoin, or 1 wei and 1 gwei, in the case of Ethereum, they can be converted to pesos, euros, bolivars, bolivianos, colones, soles, guaraníes, balboas, reales and, of course, US dollars.

This results from very useful especially with the increase in the adoption of micropayment channels such as the Lightning network. In the current bullish context, with the congestion of the networks and the subsequent increase in commissions, being able to convert from your national currency directly to sats and vice versa, will make life easier when making payments.

Tarifas Bitcoin Ethereum Confirmación Tiempo Transacciones
The commission table shows suggestions on fees to pay to reach confirmations in Bitcoin and Ethereum in the desired time, based on data from reputable sources in the ecosystem. Source: CriptoNoticias.

In addition, users will get our table to decide the commission per transaction in the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. This table , which is constantly updated, shows the cost or the fee that a user must pay to confirm their transaction in any of these networks within a specified time required.

If you want to know about Where are the results reflected in the price and commission calculations, at the end of the section you will find the sources, processes and equations.

Finally, within the page a section with market news where you can find the most recent news that move the price of cryptocurrencies.

We invite all our readers to navigate in the new sections of CriptoNoticias and continue learning and enjoying all the news that the leading medium of the industry brings e Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains in the Hispanic world.

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