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Capture of a woman who threatened to shoot Pelosi in the head

The repercussions of the congressional storming by supporters of former US President Donald Trump continue, as a woman was arrested in connection with the Capitol riots on January 6 and said she wanted to shoot the head of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Two women, Don Bancroft and Diana Santos Smith were arrested in Pennsylvania on Friday in connection with the Capitol attack, according to the DOJ.

According to a criminal complaint, he received FBI classified information after about a week of riots through a video allegedly taken by Bancroft and showing her trying to exit the Capitol with Santos Smith.

During the video, Bancroft apparently said, “We stormed into a building. Capitol … we went in and did our part. ”

“We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the brain, but we did not find her,” she said. It led the FBI investigator to believe it was a reference to Pelosi.

The FBI stated that when he did an interview with Santos Smith on the day of the inauguration, she initially said she attended March 6 but did not enter the Capitol. She later admitted that she was inside the building after she saw the video.

On the day of the riots, a crowd of Trump supporters broke the building’s security, smashed windows, roamed the corridors, and vandalized the offices of MPs, including Pelosi. A man was photographed sitting in a chair in Pelosi’s office, and another man was seen carrying the speaker’s podium in the building.

The two women said that they stayed inside the building for no more than a minute and that they took video clips from inside the Capitol building. Bancroft sent the video to her children, according to the authorities, and later ordered them to delete it.

The women were charged with intentional entry or staying in a prohibited building or land without legal authority and involvement. Intentionally disorganized or disruptive behavior in a building or prohibited land and violent entry and disorderly behavior on the Capitol, according to the Department of Justice.

News of Bancroft’s suspension comes as law enforcement authorities reinforce security measures To monitor lawmakers amid mounting threats.

More than 5,000 National Guard officers are expected to remain in Washington, DC until at least mid-March, and Capitol Police officers will be stationed at several of the capital’s airports as well as a railway station Union Station to monitor lawmakers as they travel.

So far more than 150 people have been arrested in connection with the riots that killed five people, including the killing of a Capitol police officer.

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