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Cancer lost her hair .. Egyptian broadcaster shocked the audience

The Egyptian broadcaster, Lina Shaker, surprised her followers with a shocking news that she had cancer. She also published pictures of her after her hair fell out announcing her challenge to the dreaded disease.

The anchor who works for the “Nile Life” channel narrated on Facebook published the details of her illness and published video clips of her without hair, because of the chemotherapy sessions, confirming that she had taken the necessary tests that proved she had the dreaded disease.

And she indicated that she published the photos after she had relatively overcome the crisis, asking her followers to continue to support her.

The presenter said that she lived this experience for 11 years, which is the period of her mother’s suffering with illness, and when she performed tests and analyzes, she found out that she had cancer and underwent serious surgery to remove the tumor, then she took chemotherapy and radiation.

She stated that she was 43 years old and had undergone all chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions from the moment she became ill until now, confirming that she wanted to be a source of strength or inspiration, noting that disease is not the end of the world, and that cancer is like any disease that affects Everyone must resist and challenge him.

Through their pages on social media, the colleagues of the Egyptian broadcaster announced solidarity. They hungry with them, expressing their admiration for her courage and her ability to challenge disease.

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