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Calm yourself … Corona transmission through surfaces is “weak”!

A year and months after its appearance, and science still stands helpless in front of the causes of the emerging corona virus.

After many studies that were previously spread on the impact of the epidemic on surfaces and the need to sterilize them, new research has shown that it is better to give priority To protect the eyes and face masks, because this will prevent the spread of the epidemic more than disinfecting surfaces.

In details, an Australian study published by the “Guardian” newspaper showed that the transmission of the epidemic from surfaces is no longer an important factor in the spread of Covid 19, Some also feared.

Australian experts revealed that when Corona cases began to appear for the first time in their country, the authorities appealed to the authorities to disinfect surfaces in grocery stores, and the surfaces of parcels in the mail. The authorities also sterilized city streets and disinfected Traffic lights buttons, seats and even fences.

Despite these measures, cases have increased, prompting an epidemiologist at La Trobe University, Assistant Professor Hassan Valley, to consider that, more than a year after the outbreak of the epidemic, The superficial transmission of Corona is no longer an important factor in the spread of the virus as it was previously feared, although this is possible.

War D with low probability

He said: “I want to make it clear that nothing should be changed with regard to washing our hands and our personal hygiene. We can be less concerned about washing each surface 20 times a day, and focusing only on Good hand hygiene, social distancing, and staying at home when sick, which should be more than enough to prevent us from spreading the virus. ”

The world stressed that the spread of contact aerosols is the main driving factor for the transmission of Covid. 19 When the infected person is in close contact with another person, then small liquid particles are transferred from droplets and droplets that contain the virus, especially when coughing and sneezing, then these particles enter others and cause infection.

The researcher confirmed that this This does not mean that disease transmission across surfaces is not likely, or that it does not pose a threat, or that we should ignore it, but only we have to admit that the threat of this method of transmission may be small.

Exaggerated studies!

The study considered that the fueling of concern about the spread of the epidemic across the surfaces was due to previous studies that exaggerated their concerns about the matter.

In turn, Peter Collignon, an infectious disease physician, agreed. Professor at the Australian National University, said that all available evidence that says that people in close proximity to each other talking, coughing, singing and breathing heavily are what drive the spread of the virus more than surfaces.

He stressed that priority should be given to such These cases are not for other reasons. We should not be concerned about them because their threat is less.

It is indicated that more than 111.61 million people have been infected with the emerging Coronavirus worldwide, while the total number of deaths resulting from the virus has reached To more than two million 574,877.

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