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Bloom: If we can't beat Bulgaria, then there's a problem somewhere in our basketball

Bloom: If we can't beat Bulgaria, then there's a problem somewhere in our basketball
Janis Blums Photo: “Pallacanestro Reggiana”

Experienced Latvian basketball player Jānis Blūms in an interview with “Latvijas Televīzija” for “Sporta studija” shared his emotions about not being invited to the national team before the “Eurobasket” qualifying games.

From February 20 to 22, a Group B “bubble” will take place in Riga, where Latvia will play matches against Greece and Bulgaria. Currently, the Latvian state unit ranks fourth in the group. The national teams of Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina have already secured a place in the European Championship, while Latvia and Bulgaria will compete for the last road sign.

The list does not include 38-year-old Bloom, who lost his job in December. “The national team has always been my favorite team I’ve played for. What to do, I will keep my fingers crossed for the national team to go to the European Championship. I’ve been to seven tournaments, I don’t know if I’ll go to eighth, but I want at least the team to leave. Will it be? If we can’t beat Bulgaria, then there is a problem in Latvian basketball somewhere, “the player is convinced.

“LBS and the coaches knew I was available. I’m going to be on the national team, but at the same time I realize that I’m not being taken for lack of gaming practice. Although maybe for 22 years I have more practice than the other basketball players invited to the team together. Maybe I should have, maybe the coaches feel that I shouldn’t be there this time. I accepted it, I am not offended. I haven’t played for three months, but I kept in shape and was ready to help, “says Bloom.

“In the first game, we lost to the Bulgarians because we gave them the won game. At +7 we made a wrong substitution, because those who know how to throw free throws had to be let on the field. For the coach, it was the first game at the helm of the team, maybe he didn’t succeed somewhere. The players themselves also need to calm down their match to the end, “said the match manager.

It was announced last week that Bloom has been included VTB League Hall of Fame. “It is a great honor to be pleased that the VTB League has appreciated my contribution. I have played there with four different teams, once participated in a star game. It was one very successful year with VEF, when I was the third most productive in the league, while the team entered the play-off. I think VTB wants VEF back – teams like to play in “Arena Riga” and walk around the city before the game, “said Bloom.

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