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Blaze after a man burns wood to heat home Sparks fear energy prices will cause a spike in fires | UK news

A flame broke out out in property in London after a man burned logs on open fire in his living room heat his home.

The investigators said cause of hell was defined as “involving open fire be used instead of gas heating”, with combustible items considered to have been left too close to the fire.

This prompted the London Fire Brigade (LFB) issue urgently safety warning – with more over 100 fires involving open flames, wood burners and heaters in in last several months alone.

The service is now afraid rise in electricity bills can lead to increase in shoots like people resort to alternative means heat them homes.

Fire crews were called to the scene of flame in New Malden shortly after 8:30 am on April 26, after the flames spread to home. fire was under control by 10:30 but house suffered “significant damage”.

Three people provided assistance on the spot with one The person was taken to the hospital on a priority basis.

An eyewitness said he saw the man try to put out in fire with fire extinguisher when it started, while the cop, who passed by, began to knock on in windows of in property next do the door sure residents received out.

One neighbor who declined to give her name, said, “You couldn’t see [anything] because the smoke was so thick. It was just incredible.

“I shut all mine windows and whenever i opened the door to let someone in some smoke got into the corridor.

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deputy assistant commissioner for fire safety Charlie Pugsley said: “We know it’s a difficult time and people thinking about ways reduce their electricity bills, but we really concerned that they can put their lives on risk by doing so.

“If you have a log burner or an open fire, follow our advice carefully. Almost 30% of fires involving wood burners, heaters and traditional open fire caused on items be too close to heat source. Always use a fire protect and preserve all that can catch ignite far away, such as logs and kindling, which can be ignited by radiation heat.

“His also important to do sure do you have carbon monoxide detectors in your home. You cannot taste, see or smell carbon monoxide, but it can kill in minutes.

“Please don’t take risk on using treated wood on fires. They can not only emit toxic fumes, but also also more may spit out embers when burning, which can set land on nearby objects.”

Adam Scorer, Executive Director of fuel poverty charity National Energy Action (NEA) called the incident “violent and dangerous”. reality of in cost-of-life crisis.

“One in four UK households currently in fuel poverty, which means millions are facing impossible choice because of their high electricity bills,” he said.

“Some choose between heating and eating, others turn off completely, and some even start an open fire.

“These are not survival strategies. people who feel they have no safe choice. Unfortunately it will only more common how impact of in price rises and reality of next winter hits home.

” government must prioritize properly. The government should get money in pockets and off energy bills of those on the lowest incomes.

BUT government the spokesman said: “We acknowledge the pressure people are facing with in cost of we live, therefore we have set out £22 billion package of support, including discounts and reduced electricity bills.”

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