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Bitcoin has reached another historic peak

Although there have been sudden falls, the price of bitcoin has been growing at an incredible pace since the beginning of the year: on March 13, it reached the psychological limit of $ 60,000, then slipped nicely above $ 61,000. reached a record in the history of cryptocurrency. With this, the total market capitalization of bitcoin – the total value of all coins mined – reached $ 1.14 trillion, according to Coindesk.

Despite the continuous roller coaster ride, bitcoin has always been able to attack in the last ten years, in a relatively short time. Within a decade, you can even swap all global currencies under certain assumptions.

The price of bitcoin has been particularly strong since Tesla announced it had invested $ 1.5 billion in cryptocurrency. This was followed by a 20 percent jump, rising from $ 38,000 to $ 46,000 in a single day.

Bitcoin has reached another historic peak

However, experts warn that the growing cryptographic mining has not only cut home the supply of video cards by generating shortages of components and rising prices, not only causing minor disruptions in the supply chain, but will soon be responsible for as much emissions as London alone due to its extremely high energy demand.

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