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Biden: Some positions may change after new evidence emerges in the Trump trial

The US President, Joe Biden, saw, on Thursday, that some parliamentarians may have changed their minds in the trial of Donald Trump after the influential presentation of the prosecution.

And he said from the Oval Office, “I think some may be different. His opinion, “In a hint that some Republican senators may decide to vote in favor of the former president’s conviction.

After the shocking scenes of the storming of the Capitol are shown, Democratic prosecutors are presenting their arguments against Donald Trump, who is on trial, on Thursday.” Incitement to rebellion, “in the context of storming the Parliament building.

On the other hand, the American Senator, Lindsay Graham, known as one of the closest allies of former President Donald Trump, in the Senate, reassured Trump in the evening Tuesday that he will be acquitted of the charge of incitement to revolt, although his lawyer received bad reviews after the opening of the pleadings, according to what was published by the American newspaper “The Hill”.

Graham told reporters, Summing up his conversation with Trump: “I think his team (Trump’s attorney) will do better and can do a better job. I assured Trump that the case is over. It’s just a matter of getting the final verdict now.”

Senator Graham expressed his confident expectations after 44 Republican senators, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, voted against proceeding with a trial that the defense team argued Dubbed Trump unconstitutional.

And Graham said that Trump did not appear disappointed with the opening arguments, although CNN reported on Tuesday that he was about to scream In front of the TV screen while watching his lawyer Bruce Castor deliver an opening statement that he considers inconclusive.

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