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Balan Wonderworld Launch Patch Will Eliminate Epileptic Triggers

Balan Wonderworld launch patch will remove epileptic triggers

We previously shared with you a major issue affecting Balan Wonderworld . Apparently, the graphics and effects of a battle can cause seizures , with visualization problems even in those who are not photosensitive epileptics. Game Informer shared that “it’s not just the use of flare effects” as it “quickly fires a series of white sparkles in the background.”

This happens in the battle against the final boss , who had a “potentially seizure-inducing effect” in the form of repeated flashing lights .

Well, we get news about it and it is that Square Enix has urged the players to download and install the first patch for Balan Wonderworld , following reports of flashing lights that can act as triggers for people at risk of epilepsy.

In a statement sent to the media GamesIndustry.biz , a spokesperson for Square Enix said that the issue is fixed with the first Balan Wonderworld patch . These were his words:

«Please make sure to install the patch by day 1 before playing Balan Wonderworld, ”the statement read. “We have received reports of a risk of epilepsy from a possible blink error if the game is played without patching. The day 1 patch avoids this issue and improves the overall gaming experience. »

Finally, we remind you of its premise and its trailer :

Balan Wonderworld is a platform video game with a twist musical in which, thanks to about 80 magical costumes, we can learn unique skills with which to overcome the many challenges that await us in the video game. The development led by Yuji Naka and Oshima Naoto invites us to travel to Wonderworld, a strange country that exists in the hearts and imaginations of people and discover up to 12 stories, each one with its own peculiarities, in the role of Leo and Emma. Along the way, the players, whether solo or cooperative, will explore the corners of labyrinthine scenarios, full of tricks and traps, to get to the bottom of the story.

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