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Astra covered 600,000 kilometers and secured a place in the Opel Classic collection

Reliability of the ‘G’ generation Astra has secured a place for this model in the distinctive Opel collection

An Opel 2003 Astra Caravan is the latest car in the Opel Classic collection, which brings together some of the most special vehicles of the German brand.

The model that became part of the distinctive collection of the Rüsselsheim house, is one of the last examples of the ‘G’ generation, equipped with a 1.7 liter diesel engine and 80 hp, with the Elegance level of equipment, and equipped with an air conditioning system as an extra.

This Astra and its owner, Henning Barth, an Opel employee, traveled about 100 kilometers per day, from Hunsrück to the headquarters of the German brand. Astra Caravan and its owner formed a dream team, having jointly reached the 500,000 km mark without recording any relevant breakdowns.

Barth bought the your Astra on the used car market for 5,000 euros when it had 100,000 kilometers on the odometer. Then he added another half million, taking the odometer to record 600,000 kilometers traveled.

“The most impressive thing is that my Astra has not aged that much over the past few years and these kilometers. It is true that I am very careful with it, but it is incredible that the engine, the gearbox, the turbocharger and the high pressure pump have never needed much attention. Even the clutch is the original one ” , says a proud Barth, after 17 years in the company of his Astra

So after almost two decades, Barth donated his Astra Caravan to the Opel Classic collection, where it will occupy a place of honor among the special models of the Rüsselsheim brand, for its reliability, having Barth acquired another Astra, generation ‘J’, with 2.0-liter diesel engine and 165 hp . For this one, Barth also defined an objective: to exceed the mileage of his previous Astra.

It is recalled that Opel marketed the Astra ‘G’ between 1998 and 2005 with seven different body types and with a range of twelve engines. The power level ranged from 65 to 200 hp, having produced almost four million units of this generation of Astra.

In 2002, the line became part of the OPC sports car, initially with 192 hp of power, to later reach 200 hp.

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