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Artificial intelligence beats man the way he wants

A joint study by Data61 and the Australian National University found that artificial intelligence (AI) can influence the decision-making mechanisms of the mind and, in Hungarian, can manipulate man skillfully.

Researchers played promising computer games with experimental subjects for financial gain: participants were able to fatten their play money account by clicking on boxes of different colors and then make investment decisions. MI watched how they played, and in the last round he played the “bank”, ie he played the role of trustee

The researchers discovered that MI mapped the individual decision-making mechanisms of the players during the games, and his clichés of thought, and over time he also learned how to steer them in certain directions with skillful practices. In the last game, he managed to get the players to give him more money.

Artificial intelligence beats man the way he wants

According to Data61, research has highlighted that MI can effectively influence our thinking mechanisms by scanning the weak points of human nature. Although the experiment took place in a theoretical field, it also contributed to an understanding of the thought process at the end of which we make decisions, and this knowledge is valuable, among other things, because it allows us to prevent the malicious use of AI techniques in the future.

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