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Another shock from China … a “new swine fever outbreak”

While the world is still working to uncover the mystery of the Corona virus that emerged from the heart of Wuhan, China, and infected millions around the world and is still killing more until the moment, China came out with another shock about the outbreak of epidemics, today, Saturday, confirming the outbreak of African swine fever in my region Sichuan and Hebei are the main pork producers in the country.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said in a statement that the outbreak had killed 38 pigs on a farm in Sichuan Province, the largest pig meat producer in China. In Hebei Province, the disease was detected in a bus that was transporting pigs illegally from another province.

China also announced another outbreak of the disease last week in Yunnan Province, southwest of the country.

The largest producer of pork

It is mentioned that China is the largest producer and consumer of pork in the world, and an outbreak of African swine fever spent about half of the country’s pigs wealth in 2019.)

This comes after the World Health Organization announced, on Friday, that it will publish the report of the investigation into the origin of Corona in China on March 14 or 15 this year.

And it stressed not to delete any Information from the interim report about the investigation team’s visit to Wuhan.

Hid information

It was an internal confidential document from the world organization, which revealed that China did not provide information during The first 3 months of the epidemic.

Indeed, Chinese officials have done “little” with regard to epidemiological investigations into the origin of the Covid 19 pandemic in Wuhan in the first eight months after the outbreak, according to what was published by the “Guardian”.

This came after the discovery of a number of investigators within the UN mission that was sent to Wuhan To investigate the origin of the epidemic that has swept the world, since the first cases were announced in China in December 2019, about 90 people were hospitalized with symptoms very similar to Covid-19 in October, that is, two months before the first official epidemic cases appeared.

They also reported that they pressured Beijing to allow further tests to determine whether the new virus spread earlier than previously known.

However, the Chinese authorities confirmed that they had conducted tests. Antibodies on about two-thirds of these patients in the past few months, according to what the Wall Street Journal quoted investigators, and found no trace of the virus.

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