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Another coordinated cyber attack was launched against Hungarian government sites

Following the announcement of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in connection with the consultation on Friday, a coordinated cyber attack was launched against government sites, kormany.hu announced.

Csaba Dömötör, Prime Minister According to the Secretary of State of the Cabinet Office, the attack also affects the home page for vaccination registration and consultation, the information page on the coronavirus and the kormany.hu portal

The Secretary of State stated: the National Infocommunication Service Provider The employees of NISZ) Zrt. Have taken the necessary IT steps. In this context, the said sites were temporarily limited in some places.

NISZ experts are working to identify the IP addresses belonging to the attacks and will file a criminal report immediately after conducting quick investigations – read on kormany.hu.

Most recently, on January 26, kormany.hu announced that a coordinated series of cyber attacks had hit several Hungarian government portals, causing disruption to the operation of some websites. It was then reported that the multi-day attacks mostly came from foreign IP addresses, with government and administrative administration portals as their number one targets.

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