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Another chapter in the war of ships between Iran and Israel … and an “emerging” element

Yesterday, Saturday night, one of the Syrian coasts witnessed a new chapter in the ongoing “hidden” war between Israel and Iran by sea and the targeting of ships, months ago.

After it announced The Ministry of Oil of the Syrian Regime yesterday that the firefighting teams managed to extinguish the fire that broke out in one of the tanks of an oil tanker opposite the Banias refinery, indicating that the ship was attacked by a drone from the direction of Lebanese territorial waters, in a serious emergency element on the scene.

registered in Beirut

Also, the Tanker Takers service stated in a tweet on its Twitter account at dawn on Sunday that “the aforementioned tanker is not Iranian,” but is registered in Beirut in another additional element that makes the scene more complicated or perhaps clarifies the ways in which During this period, Iran seeks to evade the embargo imposed on its oil exports.

She also added that it bears the name “Wisdom”, and had previously helped the Iranian supertanker ARMAN 114 (such as ADRIAN DARYA-1) to unload between 300 and 350 thousand barrels of oil.

A “painless” war

For his part, the military analyst Ibrahim Al-Jabawi considered in statements to Al-Arabiya that targeting The tanker off Banias is part of a “painless” war, as he described it, between Israel and Iran, referring to the two sides ’study of the extent of the damage and its effects.

He also pointed out that there is information indicating the presence of weapons in the tank.

An Iranian conflict

It is noteworthy that the Iranian Al-Alam channel reported yesterday that the tanker was one of Three Iranian oil tankers arrived a while ago at the mouth of the Baniyas oil port loaded with supplies, while the semi-official Tasnim News Agency denied that the tanker was Iranian.

The Syrian coastal city of Banias includes an oil refinery, which covers the side of the city. Another refinery in Homs is a large part of the demand for diesel, heating fuel, gasoline and other petroleum products, according to industry experts.

Syria, which was ravaged by war, has faced severe shortages of gasoline and fuel over the past year, which has led to the rationing of supplies in government-controlled areas and raising prices.
In addition, Syria’s dependence on Iranian oil shipments has increased in recent years. Western sanctions on Iran, Syria and their allies, in addition to the foreign currency crisis, made it difficult to obtain sufficient supplies.

This attack comes after a series of reciprocal attacks on Israeli and Iranian ships on the ground. Likewise, in recent months, in new messages between the two parties outside the country this time.

Israel has sought, according to what Western and regional intelligence sources confirmed to Reuters, its strikes on Iranian targets, including centers It is suspected of producing weapons in Syria in order to counter what it considers a military expansion by its archenemy in the region.

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