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Another acquisition in the domestic education market

One of the largest players in the training market, Training360 Kft., Is expanding through another acquisition. The company acquired QA Kft. significant ownership. Last year, more than 12,000 people took part in the IT, IT and soft-skill trainings of the Training360 Group in traditional classroom, online and mixed trainings.

PROGmasters typically trains junior-level software developers and testers in 5-month courses. The bootcamp educational format, which has been in existence in Hungary for only a few years, is becoming more and more popular, as the shortage of IT professionals is still huge.

interest. In the spring of 2020, Training360 acquired a 100% stake in the NetAcademia Training Center, which offers only online training. There, the decision was made that the new owner would retain the brand name and carry on NetAcademia in the same spirit. This is also the strategy of Training360 for PROGmasters

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