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An information war has begun

A false nuclear alert was issued this week by the Polish Atomic Energy Agency (PAA) following a pseudo-news on its website that harmful material had leaked from a Lithuanian nuclear waste repository.

A misleading alert on the PAA’s website revealed that Polish public service radio had brought the news across the country. According to the false statement, radionuclides were released into surface and groundwater from a landfill near the Lithuanian capital, and he also claimed that the Lithuanian side had indicated high levels of harmful substances in drinking water.

PAA , and also stated that it had not received any warning of danger from its foreign partners.

In connection with the case, the US news agency AP quoted Stanislaw Zaryn, a spokesman for the Polish secret services, as saying, “the whole story seems like a typical Russian experiment.” By this he meant disinformation aimed at arousing suspicion and creating divisions among the Western allies. The politician did not bluff, as a similar 2020 hacking attempt had already taken place. The false news at the time was about a non-existent radioactive cloud, according to which Chernobyl in Ukraine was on its way back to Poland from the site of the nuclear disaster in 1986.

Information warfare is a system of activities based on a unified concept. to influence or disrupt the functioning of another State and to maintain the effective functioning of that State by protecting, developing and applying its own information capabilities and by paralyzing, disrupting or destroying similar capabilities of the other State

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