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An Egyptian broadcaster insulted Al-Sa`ida … an unprecedented punishment!

A major crisis facing the Egyptian journalist, Tamer Amin, after his attack on the people of Upper Egypt, accusing them of causing overpopulation, and for having enrolled males in workshops, while girls went to work as maids in Cairo.

Statements Amin caused a major crisis and great anger on the part of the Egyptians, which prompted the Egyptian journalist to apologize immediately for the matter, and tried again and again to solicit the sympathy of his followers.

However, the anger campaign was widespread, and it caused the suspension of his program from Al-Nahar TV network accepted, and the offending clip was removed, and the Supreme Council for Media announced that it had been transferred to investigation.

A month’s salary deduction

Hours did not pass on the matter. Until the penalties on the Egyptian media came, and they began with the Al-Nahar TV network, which decided to deduct a month’s salary from the Egyptian media, provided that the amount would be donated to a charitable foundation, and the network decided to transfer the media to an internal investigation.

And after that. Within hours, the Media Syndicate announced the withdrawal and cancellation of Tamer Amin’s practice permit, after an investigation that lasted for more than three hours.

Withdrawal of the license to practice the profession

and approved Syndicate that media person th An Egyptian violated more than one article in the Media Honor Charter, so the decision came in the end to withdraw and cancel the permit to practice the profession.

For his part, the head of the Media Syndicate, Tarek Saada, explained in press statements that the decision to cancel the permit to practice the profession that was issued Against Tamer Amin, it is the first of its kind issued by the Syndicate.

Tamer Amin is still awaiting investigation into the communications submitted against him to the court, in order to decide and investigate them, and a number of members of Parliament have expressed their anger at his behavior. And they threatened to escalate.

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