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American forces are repositioning them in the eastern countryside of Hasaka

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that on Friday, US forces relocated in eastern Hasakah.

According to the observatory, the US forces emptied their points in the Tal Al` silos within the Yarubiyah area, and moved to the military base Which it had established months ago, as part of the continuous movement of American forces in the northeastern region of Syria.

The Syrian Observatory confirmed last July that the American forces had diverted an agricultural airport in the countryside of Yaroubia (Tal Kujer) east of Hasaka was transferred to a military base, in addition to the establishment of a helipad for helicopters and cargo planes. The US forces also fortified the new base with cement blocks and dirt mounds.

On the eighth of this month, the Syrian Observatory indicated that a convoy of the international coalition against ISIS (led by the United States) entered the Syrian lands, coming from the Kurdistan region. Iraq.

About 45 trucks and military vehicles carrying logistical and military materials entered through the Al-Waleed crossing, and headed to Qamishli and then to the international coalition bases in the countryside of Hasaka and Deir Ezzor.

This is the tenth convoy that has entered the Syrian territories of the international coalition and the US forces since the beginning of this year.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had monitored, on February 6, the entry of an international coalition convoy into Syrian territory, through the Al-Walid border crossing with The Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

At the time, the convoy consisted of 50 military vehicles and trucks, and included military and logistical equipment, and headed to the bases of the international coalition in the countryside of Hasaka.

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