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America: We will not make concessions to Iran and we will not lift the sanctions

At a time when pressure increases on US President Joe Biden to curb Iran’s hostile actions to the point where the two parties meet in a rare event, to achieve a consensus that puts an end to the violations, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stressed, Wednesday, that his country will not make concessions or Lift sanctions on Iran so that it can meet with it.

And Blinken added in his testimony before The Foreign Affairs Committee in the US House of Representatives, that the nuclear agreement was successful in preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

He also continued that the ball is now in Iran’s court to show whether it is serious about interacting with the United States, pointing to There are fundamental problems with Iran because of its support for terrorism and the threat to stability.

“We are committed to defending Saudi Arabia”

Then he returned and mentioned a commitment His country would defend Saudi Arabia if the kingdom faced an external threat.

These developments came after 140 American lawmakers from both parties urged President Joe Biden’s administration to seek consensus in order to achieve a comprehensive deal with Iran that does not address its nuclear program alone. Rather, it is a host of other national security issues, including sound The history of ballisticism, support for armed militias in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria, and their malicious behavior to destabilize the Middle East.

The message came after 120 Republicans wrote last month in the House of Representatives demanding not to join To the nuclear agreement.

As the information indicates that there is a common ground between the two parties calling for an agreement or a set of agreements that would restore restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program and also limit the ballistic missile program, as well as address Tehran’s malign behavior throughout Middle East.

Biden to Iran: You must comply.

It is indicated that under the nuclear deal during the Obama era, Iran agreed to the restrictions imposed On its nuclear program and international inspections, in return for easing economic sanctions from the United States and other signatory countries, namely France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China and Russia.

However, after taking over the administration to succeed Obama, the United States was withdrawn from the agreement. He re-imposed US sanctions under the name of the “maximum pressure” campaign, due to the escalation of Iran’s interference in eastern affairs For the Middle East, which prompted Iran to adopt an approach that challenges nuclear restrictions, such as enriching more uranium at higher levels, using more centrifuges and continuing to destabilize the region.

When US President Joe Biden came to power, he said that The United States will enter the agreement again and remove the sanctions when Iran returns to compliance.

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