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America to the Eritrean Forces: Withdraw immediately from Tigray

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken condemned the atrocities being talked about in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, calling for an “immediate withdrawal” of Eritrean and Amhara forces from the region, and the declaration of each of the parties to the conflict to cease hostilities.

He said in a statement on Saturday evening, “The United States is deeply concerned about the atrocities that have been reported and the general deteriorating situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.”

He also added, “We are deeply concerned about the worsening humanitarian crisis as well.”

A crime against humanity

Blinken’s statements came the day after Amnesty International published a report stating that Eritrean soldiers fighting in Tigray killed hundreds of people in November of Last year, considering that this could constitute a crime against humanity.

“We ask international partners, especially the African Union and regional partners, to work with us to address the crisis in Tigray, including by working in the United Nations and other bodies.” Related. ”

The presence of Eritrean forces in Ethiopia in the conflict in Tigray has been widely documented, but the two countries deny this. Eritrea rejected what was stated in the Amnesty statement.

Serious concern

At the beginning of February, Blinken expressed his deep concern about Tigray and urged the arrival of aid

The Tigray region has been witnessing battles since the beginning of November when the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abyei Ahmed announced the launch of military operations against the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, the former ruling party in the northern region, after accusing it of attacking Federal army camps.

The pro-government forces also took control of the regional capital, Makele in late November, but clashes continued in the region.

This is under pressure from the United States. And the European Union and the United Nations, because of the bloody fighting in the northern Tigray region, where about 6 million people have been largely isolated from the world since the start of fighting in November between the Ethiopian and allied forces.

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