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AMD would have a new chip focused on Ethereum mining ready

The American company for the manufacture of microprocessors and graphics cards, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), would have ready a new exclusive chip for Ethereum mining. Reports indicate that it would be an update to the Navi 12 GPU.

AMD has not yet made the launch of the chip official, however, the Linux news website, Phoronix, and PC magazine Gamer highlighted that the device went through a series of fixes for the Linux environment. That would include removing the video output. A report from the bitcoin.com website claimed that the team is targeting mining on the Ethereum network.

According to reports, the current chip “has only seen the light of day on AMD Radeon cards. Pro 5600M, exclusive to Apple (Macbook Pro), and the Radeon Pro V520 for professional rendering. After the modifications, and as it does not now have a video output, the device would not be useful for gamers or gamers , but in theory yes for cryptocurrency miners.

The chip would be similar to the Navi 10 Blockchain reported in October last year. At that time it was reported that there was no date for the debut of the team, however, its arrival on the market was expected in early 2021. In the case of the Navi 10, the outputs to the screens were also absent in the team.

Favor gamers before miners

The information about the supposed new AMD chip, exclusive for cryptocurrency mining, comes after its competitor, Nvidia, announced three weeks ago a new line of exclusive equipment for mining on the Ethereum network.

CryptoNews reported on February 18 that Nvidia had released the market four models of its CMP HX line. These are the 30HX, 40HX, 50HX and 90HX cards that have a processing capacity between 26 and 86 MH / s.

If the information is confirmed, and before the mining boom of cryptocurrencies in recent years, AMD would be taking a position to try to alleviate the shortage of graphics cards for gamers . As the supply of available equipment decreases, the prices of video cards have increased significantly.

Gamers have pointed out in the past that the situation has its origin in the fact that miners of cryptocurrencies such as ether , for example, they increasingly use GPUs for their work in value transfer networks.

The problem would get worse because miners could reject the proposals of the manufacturers and their specialized equipment. The reason is that the new cards, as they do not have a video output, would not have any other type of utility, that is, if the equipment loses its validity to mine, they would be rendered useless. On the other hand, with traditional GPUs, the equipment could then be marketed to gamers.

This behavior has been observed by Nvidia and already has taken action on the matter. The manufacturer indicated that the drivers for GeForce RTX 3060 cards can detect “specific attributes of the Ethereum mining algorithm”, limiting their processing power by approximately 50%.

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