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Ambiguity about the suspected expulsion of Tunisia .. The prosecution denies that it contains toxic materials

The Tunisian Public Prosecutor announced today, Friday, that the technical tests conducted on the suspicious parcel that reached the Presidency showed that it did not contain any suspicious materials. This reinforces the suspicions surrounding the narrative presented by the Presidency, in which it referred to the attempt to poison President Qais Saeed.

On Thursday, the Tunisian presidency announced that the health condition of the Presidential Court Director had deteriorated and that she lost her sense of vision after she opened a suspicious and unidentified mail parcel. It was directed to President Qais Saeed, which necessitated referring him directly to the security services at the Ministry of Interior to investigate the nature of the material it contains.

For its part, the Public Prosecution clarified in today’s statement that Technical tests were conducted on the suspicious package by means of technical devices and in a scientific way, and it was found that it did not contain any moa D. Suspected toxic, narcotic, dangerous, or explosive.

The prosecution added that it came in the report of the Sub-Department of Criminal and Scientific Intelligence at the Ministry of Interior that the authorities of the Presidency referred to it on January 26 a torn envelope, and requested the necessary technical tests to be conducted on it. Confirming that the aforementioned administration returned the torn envelope to the interests of the Presidency of the Republic on the same date after carrying out the required technical tests.

The Public Prosecution confirmed in its statement that it authorized the Sub-Department for Criminal Cases in Tunisia to add that report to the research file and consider it as one of its papers, Indicating that yesterday, Thursday, I sent an official letter to the interests of the Presidency of the Republic to enable the technical unit in charge of inspecting the suspicious circumstance, and the answer has not yet been received.

The Public Prosecution’s statement increased the ambiguity surrounding the details of the attempt to target President Qais Saeed in a suspicious circumstance, at a time when voices were raised skeptical of the authenticity of the official account presented by the Presidency.

This is not the first time that there has been talk of an attempt to poison President Qais Saeed, since, last summer, news of the attempt to poison the president was circulated through the bakery that the Presidency of the Republic supplies from. The Public Prosecution investigated the matter, and after researches it became clear that the matter is related to a dispute over two bakeries to supply the presidency.

The “suspicious expulsion” incident comes at a time when the relationship between the two heads of the executive authority (the head of government supported by a parliamentary bloc led by him) is witnessing Al-Nahda Movement and the President of the Republic supported by some opposition parties) in the country, and in conjunction with the parliament’s vote on a cabinet reshuffle made by Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi.

President Qais Saeed objects to the presence of 4 ministers nominated in it, some of whom are suspected of corruption He has a conflict of interests, and he refuses to appear before him to take the constitutional oath before assuming their duties.

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