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Al Arabiya broadcasts an exclusive documentary on Rafsanjani's biography

Al-Arabiya exclusively broadcasts a series of three episodes about the biography of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani over a period of three days, starting on Thursday, February 25.

The film begins documenting Rafsanjani’s life since his birth in 1934 to a wealthy family from The town of Rafsanjan in the Iranian province of Kerman, until his death in 2017, and deals with all doubts about the circumstances of his death. In the year 195, until his death, Rafsanjani played an important role in establishing the Islamic Republic in Iran.

The film shows the sequence of events, and how Rafsanjani opposed the policy of Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, then he was imprisoned in successive periods in Iran on charges Belonging to a terrorist organization and collecting donations for it. Then the film narrates how Rafsanjani’s role in the party, then in the government and parliament, increased after the coup against the Shah and Khomeini’s return to Iran in 1979.

Witnesses in the film narrate important facts about Rafsanjani’s decisions in the war against Iraq and then attempts Openness in foreign policy, especially with Saudi Arabia after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

After Rafsanjani was elected president of the Iranian Republic in 1989, he pursued reform policies to attract investments and revive the country’s economy, but his attempts were not in the right way.

The film shows how, why and when Rafsanjani began to lose his authority and holding power over the state and its institutions from the 1993 to 2015 elections after he was the true architect of the Islamic Republic in his country.

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