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Air India Business Class passenger finds insect in meal served to him on flight. Airline apologises – India Today

  1. Air India business class passenger stumbles upon an insect in Serve the meal to him on A flight. The airline apologizes India today
  2. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor shares photos of the meal served on Air India, and the airline responds NDTV
  3. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor slams on Air India for Meal on board, tweets “Is this what Indians should eat?” News 18
  4. Sanjeev Kapoor criticizes Air India over inTrip food. The airline is responding India today
  5. Is that what the Indians are should He eats for the breakfast? ’: Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor is upset about serving cold food on Air India flight Indian Express
  6. Full view coverage on google news


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