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After Biden's visit … Pfizer: We'll double the doses

The CEO of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Albert Burla, said on Friday that the company expects to be able to double the weekly number of doses of its COVID-19 vaccine that it will provide to the United States in the next few weeks.

In addition, Burla, who spoke after a tour of US President Joe Biden at his company’s vaccine production plant in Michigan, explained that Pfizer currently produces five million doses per week on average and expects “to produce more than twice that number” in the coming weeks.

He added that the company had taken some measures that allowed it to reduce the time it takes to manufacture the vaccine from 110 days to 60 days.

He also indicated that Pfizer provided the United States with forty million doses until February 17 of its COVID-19 vaccine, which it developed jointly with the German company Biontech.

The company agreed to supply the United States with 300 million doses by the end of July.

Burla said Biden challenged the company to achieve this goal and that the company would look for ways to improve its production.

Vaccines are safe.

In turn, US President Joe Biden confirmed, Thursday evening, during a visit to one of the Pfizer’s factories to manufacture Corona vaccines in Michigan, that vaccines are safe and sound, calling on everyone to come forward to obtain them.

Biden added, “We are working to vaccinate all Americans by one month. July, “accusing the Trump administration of failing to devise a plan to vaccinate Americans.

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