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Actress Salma Hayek Admits She was “Nervous” to Wear a Transparent Dress at The Premiere of Her New Film, Don’t Want to be “Sucking It In,” as They Say

Salma Hayek garnered attention when she showed up to the Miami premiere of Magic Mike’s Last Dance wearing a see-through outfit. She earlier revealed to Glamour that she was having second thoughts about her outfit, even though she wore it confidently.

Actress Salma Hayek Admits She was "Nervous" to Wear a Transparent Dress at The Premiere of Her New Film, Don't Want to be "Sucking It In," as They Say

In reference to the fishnet Oscar de la Renta dress, she told the magazine, “I’m frightened about it.” “Maybe I won’t wear it… I’m astonished, though, at how well I looked.”

Hayek admitted that she was particularly self-conscious about having her stomach on display and that she had spoken to her daughter beforehand about her anxieties. “You can see the belly, honey. You can see my stomach. Furthermore, I don’t want to be suckling it in, “she recalled saying to 15-year-old Valentina. “I continued by saying, “You know what? Ignore that. I’m 56. The rest appears to be fine.”

Fortunately, the 56-year-old did go for the look, which drew the eye of many people, including Channing Tatum, who co-starred with her in the movie. The actor stated he had “no remark” on the ensemble at the premiere and added that the outfit spoke for itself.

As evidenced by the numerous bikini photographs she has posted on social media, Hayek doesn’t always seem modest about flashing her body, but the actress attributed her confidence in her appearance to exercise.

“When you dance, be sensual for yourself. You should dance alone when no one is looking. Additionally, avoid looking in the mirror when dancing. Put on a blindfold and feel yourself. Feel your body in relation to the environment, “She spoke to Glamour. “Have fun, laugh, and laugh at yourself. Tell a joke to yourself. Laugh silly while no one is looking. It has to do with the time you spend alone.”

In the end, she also believes it’s crucial to avoid taking anything too seriously.

She said, “I work hard, and sometimes I’m exhausted. “I’m too exhausted to act or think sexually. You must respond, “Oh, that’s OK too.”

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