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“A Woman's Delivery” … a young Egyptian woman participating in the fight against harassment

The Egyptian young woman, Noura, was able to participate in efforts to combat the phenomenon of harassment through her private car, helping women and girls to safely reach their destinations, protecting them from any street harassers, in addition to providing them with privacy.

Noura Al-Ghamrawi From the city of Zagazig in the Sharkia governorate, she told Al-Arabiya.net that she had been using her private car for 5 years, and she was keen to deliver families and friends on various occasions without getting paid from them. I find many girls and women in the streets, and I used to stand up to drive them home for free, and I used to do this for a while, ”indicating that she has been accustomed to that since that time.

And Nora continued: “I started to think of investing my time by transporting women, and with time many of them became aware of me in particular, and they asked me to create A group on the communication sites so that many women and girls can safely reach and deliver them to their destinations. ”

Indeed, I created a page on the communication sites in order to reach all Zagazig residents. I did, I was getting many requests to drive women and girls to different places. ”

And she added:“ I remember the situation of a girl I used to drive to the university, and when I was late for one time, I found that she was subjected to verbal harassment from a young driver. Who wanted to drive her to her destination, and upon my arrival I informed the police about him. ”

And Noura added that the aim of the idea is to“ provide women with sufficient safety to protect them from any harassment they may be exposed to through various means of transportation. ”

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